Choosing Between Blinds And Shades

If you are looking to invest in some window covering then you may get a little confused as to where to start. Selecting the blinds and shades that is prefect and right for your window is an important decision. There are a number of options at which can help you select the shades or the blinds that are the right match for your home.

Before you begin it is important to know the difference between the blinds and the shades. Shoppers will use these words interchangeably for the different styles of window covering. However these are different categories and once you are decided whether you want a blind or shade for your window, your options come down to half.

Blinds are basic and they are the hard window covering. These are made of horizontal slats. Shades are made of pieces of fabric. Both are designed to cover the window but the way they operate is what makes the difference. Blinds and shades also vary in price, features and style. So the next question is how to decide between the blinds and the shades. The important question that needs to be answered is how can the blind or the shade control light and offer privacy.

Blinds and shades help to fulfil these requirements. Blinds come with slats which are tilted to give adjustable light control. The shades are made using a solid fabric piece so they can be either open or close.

However in case you use a fabric that filters light then the natural light can be let in naturally and at the same time it gives your windows complete privacy. This makes the answer to the difference between blinds and shades clear. There are however many other things that you need to consider before you choose which one to invest in.


Blinds can be cleaned with furniture polish and by using a soft cloth. If you have shades then you need to lift the dust with the help of the brush attachment or you can just use warm water to soft clean it. In case of any serious dirt then professional cleaning is the only option.

Blinds are better to use in case you stay in a huge traffic area or you have kids and pets at home that make a mess. Hard material is used to make blinds. PVC, wood and aluminium are the basic materials used and they bear any wear and tear better. Shades should not be used if your houses is in a high traffic area because they could be damaged easily.
The basic white blinds are standard in most homes. They are classic but look boring. The blinds and the shade give your house a high end look. In case you want to add these in your dining or living room then the roman shades or the stained wood blinds are a preferred choice. These come in luxurious fabrics and give your house a special charm. In case you want to use these shades to make a statement then the roman shades and the roller shades in colourful print is recommended. There are many fabrics that are available and you could choose one that matches the space.
Ensure that you buy the right insulation that stops any energy loss from your home. Blinds do not help to keep the outside temperature out but you could instead install the cellular shades which are designed using fabric air pockets that trap the air in order to insulate the windows.
Children safety
In case you have children at home then choosing the cordless are a great option. These do not come with accessible cords. Most of the blinders do not come in styles safe for kids. In case you choose a motorized lift or a cordless one then there will not be any exposed cords.
There are a number of options of blinds and shades and there are a wide range of options in almost all budgets. If you are looking for any specific style or custom made ones then the price will tend to vary. Shades can either be cheaper or expensive than the blinds varieties. The roller shades cost less than the roman shades. Blinds have fewer options thus you could buy some high end ones that are not very steeply priced. So the blinds always turn out to be cheaper that the top end shades.